Friday, May 14, 2010

"The UEFI book is pretty neat"

Mike Rothman commented that the UEFI book is pretty neat.     With that I was reminded to move forward with an old plan.  I've contacted the Computer Science Departments of UC Davis, Sacramento State University, and Folsom Lake Community College to let them know that I am giving them a copy the book.  I am doing this to do my small part in letting the concerned world know about the book. :)

If I was a professor teaching computer science I would definitely read this book to broaden my perspective.  I would like to find out what is happening in the big ocean with the theories that I teach in my aquarium tank.  "Harnessing the UEFI Shell" is an applied computer engineering book.  The universities with a strong focus on research would find this a perfect resource because while DOS is passing away, many in the engineering community still rely on its low-overhead approach to debug and test hardware. The UEFI Shell brings that same flexibility into the 21st century and is designed to reside in the firmware, much like a built-in monitor or debugger. The book eases you into what you need to know!

Understanding what lies beyond your current perimeter is a key to success.  In fact, the farther you can see the better you'll fare.   This is true in research, in engineering, and in life as a whole! 

As I write this post, the book has been delivered to Folsom Lake College.   Professor Prasant Mohapatra, (Computer Science Department Chair, UC Davis) just acknowledged my offer and said that it will be useful both for education and research. 

If you are a programmer and do not own the might still be lacking. :)

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