Monday, June 1, 2015

Epic Job Begins

This month marks a very important milestone in the life of my eldest child - she started on her first career job (as Business Intelligence Developer) at Epic.  Last month we, the parents, worked on helping her get settled into her new place in Wisconsin.  It makes us happy and proud to see her begin true adulthood with financial independence.  Adjustment will demand emotional strength since this will be the first time when she will have to live alone - no roommates or apartment-mates.  On the other hand she will also be starting a new life of being a working girl -meeting new co-workers and being challenged to contribute towards a bigger (corporate) goal instead of personal goal of getting good grades.  Beyond work, I hope she will also establish herself as part of a new church family.

We will still be hovering over her like helicopters - no longer as Black Hawk but instead Highway Patrol.  :)  

For as much as she insisted on not becoming a computer programmer, she has become one.  :)