Saturday, February 25, 2017

Twenty Six Years

This year Tim and I reached the 26th year milestone in our marriage.  God has been good to us all these years.  Sure we had our share of trials and tribulations just like any normal couple would but the Lord has not turned his back on us.  And so we celebrated the day with gratitude and contentment. One might wonder how this kind of celebration looks like.  After doing all the trivial way of celebrating this special day, Tim and I sat down unhurried and leaning on each other - we reflected on our life together.  We brought to memory a summarized glimpse of every big chapter of the life we've lived so far.  (As a couple we seem to be good at this.  As matter of fact, during our first anniversary we both wrote to each other a letter - State of the Marriage Letter.)   Surprisingly, the story consistently remained on the theme of  two people in love learning life together.  The times when we acted as if we got it and had nothing to learn were the times when the story was rough.  Surprised?  :) God willing, in the next 26 years we will be the same learning and loving - but more experienced beings in a slower shriveled human form.  We are convinced that God still has to reveal His plans for us in the next chapter.  As we follow His lead, we expect great and exciting things are ahead of us.  So help us God to remain on track.

Twenty six years is a long time but not long enough to be with the person I vowed to spend my life with. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

When I thought he was running out of ways to surprise me, Tim did it again.  Yesterday, I received a package that contained four dozen roses.  This is not the first time that he bought me 48 roses but because he does not celebrate Valentines day, this was a true surprise.

Valentine's Day might not be very special to him but it is a significant day on my calendar.  It was on this day, some 30 years ago,  when I was convinced that God would show me the man I was to marry.  To make this long and often-told-story short, I saw Tim.  I didn't think his appearance meant anything because I had someone else in mind, but eventually when the story began to unfold, it all made sense.  God showed me how something so improbable happen.  The full version of this story can be retold by any of my children in detail.  😀