Monday, December 29, 2014

Traditions do Evolve

Traditions are not timeless.  Traditions evolve to accommodate the changing people. Time change us and the way we do things. When Tim and I started a family we also began to create our traditions. Some of that were copied from the people we spent our life with when we were yet single individuals.  While one plus one equals two in math, one plus one equals one when it comes to family traditions.  We now have family traditions - copied or original, they are uniquely ours.  And yet the very people who contributed to our complex traditions are changing and so are we.  And therefore we change the way we do things and if it works we repeat until it becomes part of our tradition.

It has been our tradition during Christmas time or Thanksgiving to have relatives over at our house or vice versa.  However, deteriorating health and driving abilities are now affecting the integrity of a tradition we once had. But that is natural thing.  In order to accommodate this change we decided to meet the relatives part-way - in Redding, California.  It was an agreeable proposition.  We were joined by Paul, Pam and G-ma which made the reunion even better.  We will still try to go back to the  old tradition as often as possible but we are open to other ways that are more appropriate for the current situation.  After all it is always good to have added attraction during the get-together such as the Sundial Bridge at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park but we cannot ignore the absence of pie.  :(


Paul and Pam (my husband's uncle and aunt) have been consistent examples (to us) of showing value to family and traditions.  Sometimes, I wonder what my kids as well as nieces and nephews will see in us that will make them reevaluate the way they do things.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Epic Offer

Today this daughter of mine got a handsome job offer from a software company in Wisconsin.  She is about three months from finishing her degree in Computer Science (graduating one quarter early - God willing).  Now she has a guaranteed job when she's ready to start - in June.  

God is good! His love never runs out! 

Two things about her going to Wisconsin:  1) she will be far far away from us (including Stephen) and 2) she will live in a cold cold place.  How will she ever drive in the snow?  She's a Californian and not just that she lived in So Cal where temperature is almost constant during the last four years. Nevertheless, this will be a great starting point in her career. We will just get used to flying to her soon-to-be-new-place.  I'm so happy for her and yet so kind of worried due to the distance.  But God has always been good and He will never stop being so. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Moment in Time

Who can say that this is not a selfie?

For the family to be all together in one place happens rarely these days.  So whenever we are together a picture is necessary - as far as I am concerned.  All of us are changing one way or the other.  To capture these moments may not be as interesting now but that will not be the case when we look back in time. These pictures will serve as flashes of light unto the reflections of yesterday that will have been blurred by time.

This would have been a perfect family picture had our feet were not chopped off.

So the family seems divided into two general heights -- the girls' and the boys'.  But this years marks the time when I am now the shortest of the girls.  But I'm not bothered because my daughters like wearing flat shoes so I can easily defy my inferior height with higher heeled shoes.  :)

Focused son and distracted father.

 Silly Siblings

This is how they behave when I'm in front of them - relaxed or amused (?)

Growing Together

I think we look great with wrinkles and gray hair.  The family agrees that husband and wife should age together.  It is not fair to dye my hair black while my husband shows his gray.   My kids told me it is poor taste for their mother to keep her hair looking the way it was twenty years ago while their father keeps his hair up to date.  The truth about my hair is now coming out!  There remains a conflict between the part of me that says hide it and the side that says "Let it go."  Slowly, however, I'm feeling more and more at peace in letting it go.  :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Little Boy

Nineteen years since he first saw the light - Sir Lewis at UC Davis.  :)   



Birthdays are vivid markers of God's goodness.  With these pictures, no words are required.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Time Flies for my Baby Daughter

Fourteen already?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Miriam's 14th Birthday: A Déjà vu

Hiking at Calaveras Big Trees 2014

It is Miriam's one day of the year when she can say what we can do as a family.  This girl - who does not talk a lot but when she opens her mouth everyone laugh because of the unexpected eloquence, wit and humor - turned fourteen!  To Calaveras Big Trees we went camping - again.  Seven years ago we already did the same things in the same place and at the same time. It was a déjà vu. 

The whole family had a fun-filled and activity-packed day.The morning was quiet, birds are just beginning to chirp and the squirrels starting to make their daily hunt for food.The kids woke up from our two-bedroom tent.  At sixty-degree temperature I started the fire going to heat up some water for tea.  The kids were pleasantly surprised when I told them to skewer some raisin bagels and toast them over the hot ember.  Meat or fish kabobs are normal but bagels?  They've never thought of it but were excited to try it.  Anything skewered and roasted over open fire just seem to make every camping food taste better. Anyway, our breakfast on fire got high ratings.  

We hiked the Lava Bluffs Trail which is somewhat difficult for us but who wold have thought that we all had fun and mostly laughing all the way.  Hot and sweaty afterwards, we proceeded to the Stanislaus River. The water was very cold and clear.  The rocks were warm and served as a place of refuge whenever we felt really cold from the water.   

 Successfully hiked the Lave Bluff Trail.

On the Giant Stump - 2014

On the Giant Stump - 2007

Stanislaus River - 2007

 Stanislaus River 2014

 Posing by the roots of a fallen Big Sequoia Tree - 2007

Birthday Toast - 2014

Happy Birthday Song and Cake in the Woods - 2007

Simple things suddenly become special when there are five people experiencing the occasion at the same time. The Lord God is good to us!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Going One Step Forward

My beautiful baby!

Miriam finished middle school this year - 2014.  Next year she will be attending Oak Ridge High School.  

Being Silly with Erich



   Bullalayaw (Rainbow) Eyebrows

I thank God for giving me my Surprise Baby.