Monday, February 25, 2013

Twenty-two Years Today

Thank God for another year in our marriage!  Every year is different and unique - adding depth to our relationship with each passing year.   So far we are enjoying the simple life we live and the circumstance we are in.  May the Lord God continue to guide and bless Tim and I -along with our children - as we face the next two decades ahead of us.  May we find peace and contentment in God so that we can share with others what we already have.

Celebrating this year was different from those of the previous years. Upon my request, we did not travel.  Instead Tim and I spent two days (he took a day off) doing little fun things together (antique shopping, dining, jewelry shopping, talking, and admiring each other).  I liked it because it allowed us more time to focus on each other and think about our marriage.  Since Shannon was not here with us, we talked to her on the phone right before we had breakfast and it was a good thing because we got to pray with her on speaker.