Monday, February 23, 2015

Twenty Four Years and Counting

For the second time in the history of our life with kids, we celebrated our anniversary alone - without our kids with us.  It is kind of different because our children have been part of our life and every celebration.  We went to Seaside and stayed at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. It was very appropriate place for people like us who are like on a honeymoon. :) Breakfast is delivered to the rooms which are almost like cottages along the beach.  We don't often wake up in the morning and eat breakfast while we watch the waves rush to the shore and leave foam on the sand.  

For 24 years, we have been on this fun ride - with challenges and bumps along the way - but a really fun ride.  And I am prepared to continue on with this journey with this guy that God has chosen to be my mate in life.  I do not know what is ahead of us but I know one thing - that the God who was there with us on Day 1 will be with us in all the years to come.  

Twenty four years married!  And it is all by the grace God...