Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Never Knew

Today I've learned more about Gayle Mackenzie.  She told a very interesting story/testimony at a women's group meeting about her past and her walk with God.  She and I have known each other for a long time, attended the same bible studies, women's conferences, and even tailgated at Arco Arena together.  She's beautiful, smart, talented, and she loves the Lord.  She likes to prepare food for people and enjoys working in the Children's ministry.  She and her husband sit on the same side of the sanctuary during worship service that I could isolate her voice when we're singing hymns and praises.  I thought I knew her.  But today I found out one more thing about her.  In her maiden name Gayle Kovaly, she was Miss USA!  She did not mention details but in my research I found out that she was a finalist in the 1969 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan.  Indeed she was a celebrity.  

Gayle now hangs out with the Greatest Celebrity that ever walked the earth - our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Miriam, Brahms and I

Miriam and I had a pie-making session this afternoon.   She watched me make one and then she made her first pie!  I helped her peel the apples but everything else was done by her.  I told her that she is "The Youngest Pie-Making-Lewis".   We brought one of the pies to Mr. Tom Jenkins and the other one was for us.  The combination of our homemade-GrannySmith-pie) and Kirkland (Costco) vanilla ice cream is the one of my favorite desserts in the world.  I'm positive that Brahms and Shannon would agree with me.  Miriam eats her pie in its purest form- no ice cream.  Sometimes Tim also eats his pie that way.

Today she also told me that if I compete in the reality cooking show "Chopped" I would win.  What a complement!  My daughter has the total confidence in my cooking abilities.  She must really like the food I feed her.  Someday she will find out that her mother is no chef at all.  But then she'll be older and independent that nostalgia will over-rate and exaggerate her childhood memories including the food that her mommy made for her. 

Brahms went out today to tutor Michael Montejano.  After that he spent the rest of the afternoon working on his homework and making a video. 

Brahms and Miriam get along really well except when Brahms tries to parent her.  For example this morning he commented on the excessive amount of butter she was spreading on her toast.  That didn't settle well for Miriam.  :)

We were a few minutes late to church today but that's normal for us anyway.  After that we came back home and ate some left-over halibut and roasted butternut squash - which were surprisingly very good even on the second day.  Dinner was oven-raasted chicken quarters, spinach salad and of course, pie for dessert.  The day was generally restful.  We had our devotion and prayer time just the three of us - Tim being in Taipei on a business trip/conference.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cutest Card of the Year

Handmade card by Maya Musselman - September 2011

 Maya, my niece sent this card to Miriam and Brahms.  I believe that it was intended to give comfort to her cousins who just had their sibling Shannon leave for college. 

I like to keep a record of the early works of the kids whenever I can because they are one of a kind.   Their works give us a glimpse of how their young minds and tiny hands translate thoughts into art and writings. 

Maya - May 2011


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Letter from Mrs. Cox

This card shows two obvious truths:  Miriam is doing great in middle school and she has a great teacher.