Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Significant Day

Today, Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, 1:05 pm, Shannon passed her driving test.  She was nervous and scared of failing that she was crying as she drove to the DMV office.  But she made it and she's relieved that this is now behind her.

This is a significant day not only because it's the day when she earned her driver's license but this day also marks the beginning of her independence.  I should be happy but I can't do that without feeling sad.  All of a sudden she has the permission to drive without a parent with her.  In fact she drove Miriam to church alone just now.  That is very scary!   Before I know it she'll be living alone in a dorm or some place. We've been preparing her for her independence all these years but it seems like we forgot to prepare ourselves for this. 

Today she also got a very positive letter from the University of California announcing that she has guaranteed admission to the university but not into a specific campus.  I can only pray now that she will get into the one that is closest to us at least for her first year of college.  God help her.   We've done our best to guide her so far...but we always needed God to guide her through the future. 

 As Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) said This is the day that you will always remember as the day that...Shannon drove alone. 

Shannon Attends JavaOne

She just arrived from San Francisco, still wearing her name tag.

Currently, Shannon is taking AP Computer Science.  She was one of the few students who grabbed the opportunity to attend a giant computer conference - JavaOne by Oracle, in San Francisco.   It is a professional conference but her teacher fought hard to get permission for these high school students to be allowed in.  Kudos to Ms. Allen (?).   Shannon came home beaming.  The exposure to the professional world of computers and the friendships with her fellow students that developed during their trip were priceless, not to mention the tons of give-aways that she brought home. :) 

My child who said that she will not become a programmer because it is boring is now excited about the mental challenges and opportunities that comes with her course.  As her mother...I can smile because I feel the joy that comes from watching a child grow from cautious pupae to an adventurous butterfly that stretches her wings into the air. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ngayon At Kailanman (Now and Forever)

"Ngayon at Kailanman" is a beautiful love song written in Tagalog.  I like the lyrics a's basically a vow to a loved one.  This is for my dearest husband who is traveling overseas as of today.  Just another way to say "I love you".

Ngayon at Kailanman
by Basil Valdez
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)
Sumpa ko’y iibigin ka (My promise is to love you)
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)
Hindi ka na mag-iisa (No more will you be alone)
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)
Sa hirap o ginhawa pa (In hard times or in good times)
Asahan may kasama ka sinta (Expect that you won’t be alone, my love)
Naroroon ako t’wina (I’ll be there always)
Maaasahan mo t’wina (You can count on it always)
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)
Dahil kaya sa ‘yo ng maitadhanang (Is it because I was destined for you)
Ako’y isilang sa mundo (That I was born?)
Upang sa araw-araw ay siyang makapiling mo (So that everyday I can be by your side)
Upang ngayon at kailanman (So that from now an forever)
Ikaw ay mapalingkuran hirang (I can serve you, my love)
Bakit labis kitang mahal (Why do I love you so much)
Pangalawa sa Maykapal (Second to God)
Higit sa ‘king buhay (More than my life)
Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo liyag
(Every day my love for you, sweetheart)
Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad (Gets sweeter, and stronger )
Bawat kahapon ay daig nitong bawat ngayon (Every yesterday is paled by every now)
Na daig ng bawat bukas (which is paled by every tomorrow)
Malilimot ka lang (Only then will I forget)
Kapag ang araw at bituin ay di na matanaw (When the sun and the stars disappear)
Kapag tumigil ang daigdig at di ‘na gumalaw (When the world stops from moving)
Subalit isang araw pa matapos ang mundo’y nagunaw na (But even a day after the world ends)
Hanggang doon magwawakas pag-ibig kong sadyang wagas (Until then, I will love you with a love so pure)
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)
[repeat refrain]
Labis kitang mahal (ngayon at kailanman) (I love you so much, now and forever)
Langit may kasama ka (ngayon at kailanman) (I’ll be with you in heaven, now and forever)
Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Apples drop from the tree one by one.

September is a special month because it announces the exit of summer and the arrival of fall.  Although the temperatures are still warm the sun comes out later and exits sooner leaving us with longer nights.  Trees begin to look tired.  The once green grass on the hills has retired and now mocks the eye by mimicking the color of dry ground.  Red tomatoes and pepper still decorate the vines but the garden has succombed to the greying effects of mildew.  Apples drop to the ground one by one but those that remain wait for a cool breeze to sharpen their red colors to lure their consumers. 

Tim ushers in another year with a German Chocolate Cake.

Our home is full of fireworks in September.  Every year we celebrate two birthdays.   Tim's was the original reason for September celebration and fifteen years ago he was joined by our son.  Being a C-section baby, Brahms' birth date was planned (he could have been born on Tim's birthday) and we made sure that the dad's birthday was not going to be ignored because of the son's.  So far there has not been any combined birthdays.   

They love each other as well as apple pies. 

In the Philippines there are only two seasons:  the wet and the dry.  However there is an unofficial third season - Christmas season.  Christmas starts in September when Christmas songs begin to fill the air everywhere.  This is one of the traditions that I miss.  Christmases back in my childhood days were full songs and not a lot of things.  One nice new outfit to wear to church on Christmas Day was all I wanted.  Rice cakes (suman, tunubong, patupat) and some pancit are enough to qualify every household to invite passers-by in.  Here and now, I have become accustomed to the American tradition and I like it also. 

Birthday stories are an important part of birthday celebrations in this house.

September has gone.  Today Miriam and I bought two big pumpkins from Raley's.  It's fall.