Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shannon Attends JavaOne

She just arrived from San Francisco, still wearing her name tag.

Currently, Shannon is taking AP Computer Science.  She was one of the few students who grabbed the opportunity to attend a giant computer conference - JavaOne by Oracle, in San Francisco.   It is a professional conference but her teacher fought hard to get permission for these high school students to be allowed in.  Kudos to Ms. Allen (?).   Shannon came home beaming.  The exposure to the professional world of computers and the friendships with her fellow students that developed during their trip were priceless, not to mention the tons of give-aways that she brought home. :) 

My child who said that she will not become a programmer because it is boring is now excited about the mental challenges and opportunities that comes with her course.  As her mother...I can smile because I feel the joy that comes from watching a child grow from cautious pupae to an adventurous butterfly that stretches her wings into the air. 

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