Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Moment in Time

Who can say that this is not a selfie?

For the family to be all together in one place happens rarely these days.  So whenever we are together a picture is necessary - as far as I am concerned.  All of us are changing one way or the other.  To capture these moments may not be as interesting now but that will not be the case when we look back in time. These pictures will serve as flashes of light unto the reflections of yesterday that will have been blurred by time.

This would have been a perfect family picture had our feet were not chopped off.

So the family seems divided into two general heights -- the girls' and the boys'.  But this years marks the time when I am now the shortest of the girls.  But I'm not bothered because my daughters like wearing flat shoes so I can easily defy my inferior height with higher heeled shoes.  :)

Focused son and distracted father.

 Silly Siblings

This is how they behave when I'm in front of them - relaxed or amused (?)

Growing Together

I think we look great with wrinkles and gray hair.  The family agrees that husband and wife should age together.  It is not fair to dye my hair black while my husband shows his gray.   My kids told me it is poor taste for their mother to keep her hair looking the way it was twenty years ago while their father keeps his hair up to date.  The truth about my hair is now coming out!  There remains a conflict between the part of me that says hide it and the side that says "Let it go."  Slowly, however, I'm feeling more and more at peace in letting it go.  :)