Monday, August 10, 2015

Sophomore Year Begins for Miriam

It is hard to believe my baby is now a sophomore in high school - but true. Three more years and she will be on her way to college.  I should not think of that - but it is good to be reminded of it so that we can intentionally spend as much time possible to enjoy the time at hand.  

In band she will be playing the snare drum this year.  The thought of her drum line buddies tickles her every time.  That is where she made real friends and deeper connections.  She gets excited about music - it is something I don't understand this but I see it happen on a regular basis.  

This year she will be taking the following subjects: Spanish 2; Chemistry; Calculus, AP World History; Honors English; P. E. and band.  She is a diligent student and a smart cookie. 

God please help her to be the person you want her to be.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Special Day

Fifteen years old!  I praise God for this gift that he has given us through our youngest child. The Lord is truly gracious.

Firstly, we started the day with the birthday breakfast:  crepes (with toppings of nutella, peaches, whipped cream and maple syrup) and bacon - Miriam's favorite breakfast savory item.

Secondly, we were joined by Becky Carmickle (M's best friend)  drove to Sacramento in our new Jeep Cherokee (4 days old) to see Mission Impossible on IMAX. (it must be a good movie because I didn't sleep during the show)  Stopped in Shingle Springs for a refreshing Fro Yo.

Thirdly, her big brother pulled out one the classified hamburger recipes in his files and we had an amazing birthday dinner - Lewis Style NorCal Burgers!  And that was just to prepare Miriam to open her amazing presents.

Fourthly, we sang the obligatory happy birthday song with the obligatory candle - unfortunately we had none of the traditional birthday candles so we used what was available.   It worked!  We got to eat a yummy Carrot Cake.

It was very nice that her brother was home.  It makes all the difference in the world when two or more of my kids are together.  Even Shannon who is in a far far away state was on the phone in celebration of Miriam.  

To God be the glory! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Solving a Puzzle (Part 2)

Brahms and his daddy have joined me in finding the similarities between life and solving puzzles.  Here are some of the points they have added:

It is full of many small victories.  Every piece in place is a mini-victory that fuels the motivation to keep on in spite of the monotony.

Sometimes a piece for a definite position will surface while searching for another one.   Surprises are unexpected joys along the way.

The list is still open-ended.