Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hazel Visits California - Again

Hanging out with her silly cousins

So we had the pleasure of having  my niece, Hazel again.  The last time she visited us was when she was a little girl.  This time she all grown up and a missionary with YWAM working in England.  She was on her way from Idaho (for a training) back to England (for another year or so) when she came to see us.  I thank God for the girl that she has become.  It is very hard to imagine, knowing her family background, that she should be in the position that she is now.  God is good and full of surprises!  

Visiting the California Capitol

One of things Hazel enjoyed while she was with us was the privilege of being able to drive alone - in California. She drove the old Nissan Quest.  Having been in England for quite sometime now, she feels a little bit deprived of the independence she once enjoyed as a young college girl in Toronto.   In exchange for this freedom, she had to drive me to and from work - which didn't mind at all.  :)

California Capitol Gardens

When I look at Hazel, I am amazed at God's incredible goodness.