Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Last High School Graduation

Graduation Day - May 25, 2018

It's hard to believe it's been four years since Miriam walked into the portals of Oak Ridge High School.  Four years of learning different subjects from different teachers; four years of making new friends as well as culling out people from friend groups; four years of Band and drumming; four years of homework and tests; four years of riding the school bus - well, almost four years; and so many more that I cannot name.  Four years and now everything is going to stop.  Not only a break but a total halt. High School days are over!

The card we sent to relatives.  (Picture taken on May 11, 2018)

Miriam's graduation marks the last time we will see our own child graduate from high school.  Unless a miracle happens - which is a possibility I am not going to discount at this point.  :)  It also means that Tim and I will not be getting up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast and packed lunch.  She will also have to read the bible on her own instead of her father reading it to her while she eats her breakfast.  There will be changes to happen in her life as well as ours (her parents) just because she's graduating from high school.

Keeton West, Miriam Lewis, and Nicolas Pham

This year's graduation was different for so many reasons: 

1. It was a cold day.  In fact it rained on the morning of graduation day getting the students wet during rehearsal.

2  We did not have a big family get-together.  Outside our immediate family, only her Grandpa George was present - per Miriam's request.

3.  We were late going to the stadium - we had to stand by the fence links to watch the ceremony.

4  Varoff, Band Director, decided to involve the the graduating members of the band to play during graduation.  

Austin Dymont, Miriam Lewis and Keeton West

Calvin Butler, Becky Carmickle, Miriam Lewis, Nicolas Pham,  and Chris Ferrett

It is hard to write down everything in one blog post but pictures will tell more stories than words can tell.  Here between these few words and the pictures are lines that tell whoever will read or scroll this page that my husband and I are proud of our daughter for her accomplishment and the hard work, discipline and diligence that made it a fun ride.  That we are thankful to God for the grace that He granted her so that things that seemed impossible were made possible and the spiritual guidance that kept her to stay on course when it seemed better to take the other way.  And most importantly, we are thankful for those moments when Miriam was clearly aware of the hands of God in situations that seemed out of her control. God is good!

I see graduations as a milestone on the 
highway of God's grace.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Like It

Tim Lewis - May 22, 2018

So it happened that I had to take another picture of Tim for business purposes.  But for me it is but a record of a moment in time.  Thus, it has to filed in the Lewis Chronicles (aka this blog) 😊
Whenever I take his picture he seems to smile more than he should.  I believe that is my effect on him.  In above image he was instructed by me to quit smiling.  But traces of smile still linger on his face.  :)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Miriam Goes To Prom

Miriam goes to prom with who else but her drum-line friends.  She had a few requirements when it came to her outfit: solid-color dress, flat shoes, shawl, no makeup, no special hairdo.  It turned out she was comfortable and confident. 


The Corsage...

The Sass

The Stars with the rock = RockStars

The Children.  Aruj and Calvin.  Not Nick

The Core:  Nocholas Pham, Keeton West, Miriam Lewis and Austin Dymont

The Gang

This girl...Miriam Lewis

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tim at UEFI 2018

Tim Lewis, CTO, Insyde Software  (Image courtesy of UEFI)

Although Tim attends and speaks at UEFI Plug Fest almost annually, I don't seem to recall seeing any signs that he was actually there at the conference except for swag that he brings home.  However this year was different.  Not only did my daughter and I join him in his trip and stayed at the hotel where the conference was being held at -- we also got pictures of him speaking!  Thanks to the UEFI 

Tim Lewis speaking at UEFI Plug Fest 2018  (Image Courtesy of UEFI)

Well, it looks like he is speaking in the picture.  Maybe he was actually speaking.  The podium bears the uefi logo.  It looks official.  And video camera was also in the picture.  That looks very real.  But there is one significant part missing in the picture - the audience.  Was he talking only to two camera men and one other person?  I'm sure there were more people in the room but the picture does not say that.  Anyway, I get to make my personal commentary on the photograph because I did not take the picture.  Nevertheless, I am sincerely grateful for the pictures!  

And to complete the story, here are two of my own pictures... 

Tim prepares to speak.

Miriam and her daddy work at the hotel lobby.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Miriam Visits UC Davis With a Different View

With her brother having studied and now works at UC Davis, Miriam got to know UC Davis from head to toe.  And yet today we brought  her to the university once again but this time Miriam had a different purpose - to visit her future school.  That's right, this girl will be going to study at UC Davis for her college education in Music.  In fact, I may say that she was sought after because the university offered her scholarship and invited her to join the university's Honors Program.  Needless to say she feels welcome and is very happy with the prospects of the next chapter of her education.

Brahms gave her a thorough tour of the campus to satisfy her curiosity.  There is nothing better than having your own brother as your guide - he gives the scoop that you need to know.  (Shannon also offered to give her a tour of UC Irvine if she had been accepted and chosen to go there.)  The only thing that would have made the tour better was if Tim was feeling better.  He was quite under the weather but he joined part of the tour anyway. 

UC Davis was photogenic today and so was Miriam.  In as much as she decided to join the honors program, she has the advantage of knowing early which residence hall she'll be living at.  She was particularly glad to know that the Music Department and her future dorm are not far from each other.  Many things were fascinating to her such as the size of the library, the bicycles, and the student union that looks like an airport.  :)  She has yet a whole new world to discover when she will actually live there but for now she can only imagine college life.

What that means to Tim and I is that we will soon be without a child at home.  Life for sure will be different.  We too will have a whole new life to discover ahead of us.  :)

We Praise God Always.

Monday, April 2, 2018

One Score and Seven Years

Tim and I have been married for a long time.  Twenty seven years!  And yet it seems like we just got done with our honeymoon and starting life together.  The time we've spent so far seem short.   If the old saying is right, then we must be rejoicing and enjoying this ride.  :)

At twenty seven years, we have enjoyed raising our children whom we love.  Our youngest, Miriam, will be going to college in the fall.  This means that Tim and I are about to start a completely different phase of our life - the second honeymoon.  Now we are older and wiser.  Twenty seven years has changed us from who we were when we first started.  We are in constant training to be more forgiving and accommodating of each other; less annoying, less irritating and less irritated.  And yet we are aware that as we train we are in the battle ground.  After these many years we learned that as much as we both know that we love each other so dearly, we are only one careless word away from making the other person feel betrayed and unloved.  Likewise, we are only one unguarded thought away from thinking that the other person is our worst enemy.  That's only one tiny area of our life together where considerable change occurred.  But I will talk about them some other time.

This year, we celebrated our anniversary by traveling to Vancouver, B.C.  It was the second anniversary first trip where we did not bring any of our children with us.  The first one was a total surprise to me when Tim organized to leave to our very young children with our friends and we drove thinking that we were going out for lunch.  Yes, we did go out for lunch but we continued to drive after that - towards the airport.  Anyway, that was half painful and half delightful trip.  This time however, was not like that.  Whew!  We planned together!  Vancouver was beautiful because it snowed on the day we arrived and sunny on the following two days that we were there. 

Just the two of us in the beautiful Fairmont Waterfront.   It was like a true honeymoon.  However, at this stage, I am not so used to the idea of not having any of our kids share experience with us.  We have always traveled together since they were little.  Now I have to train myself into a different stage in life.  Overall, it was a great trip, we had a lot of time reflecting on a lot of things.  We went to see many beautiful places, ate at great restaurants, ventured to understand the local culture and spent time just relaxing and being with each others uninterrupted.

Twenty seven years, and we have a lot to learn and experience.  To learn and experience not for our own glorification but for passing on so that others might also enjoy what God has allowed us to.  After all, the end goal of this life and this marriage, as a matter of fact, is to live in the knowledge   that God is God and Lord.

God is good.  He is gracious to us.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Year 2018

Yes, we will remember that on the first minutes of 2018 Miriam was wearing a new plaid shirt
 and that I was wearing white nail polish while Tim and Brahms take their selfie :)

12:00 AM - January 1, 2018 (California Time):  There are four goblets.   

12:00 AM January 1, 2018 (Wisconsin Time)  There are five goblets with one virtual person :)

So we celebrated the changing of the year with Shannon remotely.  That's right.  We were virtually together - laughing, talking and watching Pride and Prejudice.  She prepared her food as we traditionally do on New Year's Eve - and so we were eating together.  The only limitation was that we could not pass the food from our table to hers nor from her table to ours.  But it worked out really well.  To be on Skype for almost six hours was good!

The frustrating part of the whole thing is the fact that we could not feel the person on the screen, we could see her plants and cats but we couldThe other challenge was having to watch a movie simultaneously on Netflix.  But my kids are technical enough to synchronize our electronics regardless of the distance between California and Wisconsin.

The Lewises will always find ways to be a family 

That hair though