Friday, October 30, 2015

Brahms Goes to Wisconsin

When Shannon moved to Wisconsin last summer, Tim and decided to spread out the visits that we'd make to Madison among the members of our family.  That way we would reduce the length of time between  family visits to her.

Today Brahms travels to Madison to go see his sister.  This will be his first time to travel alone  on a plane.  He had to take care of his own transportation from his apartment to the airport and vice versa. He is a veteran traveler and a curious one so he should be fine.

It was so nice to see both their reactions when we told them about this trip.  It seemed  natural for both of them. They asked no questions, they just started to plan for it. These kids are always very close to each other.  If they will continue to care for each other long after they leave home, that will make our life as parents a happy one.