Thursday, October 7, 2010


Apples drop from the tree one by one.

September is a special month because it announces the exit of summer and the arrival of fall.  Although the temperatures are still warm the sun comes out later and exits sooner leaving us with longer nights.  Trees begin to look tired.  The once green grass on the hills has retired and now mocks the eye by mimicking the color of dry ground.  Red tomatoes and pepper still decorate the vines but the garden has succombed to the greying effects of mildew.  Apples drop to the ground one by one but those that remain wait for a cool breeze to sharpen their red colors to lure their consumers. 

Tim ushers in another year with a German Chocolate Cake.

Our home is full of fireworks in September.  Every year we celebrate two birthdays.   Tim's was the original reason for September celebration and fifteen years ago he was joined by our son.  Being a C-section baby, Brahms' birth date was planned (he could have been born on Tim's birthday) and we made sure that the dad's birthday was not going to be ignored because of the son's.  So far there has not been any combined birthdays.   

They love each other as well as apple pies. 

In the Philippines there are only two seasons:  the wet and the dry.  However there is an unofficial third season - Christmas season.  Christmas starts in September when Christmas songs begin to fill the air everywhere.  This is one of the traditions that I miss.  Christmases back in my childhood days were full songs and not a lot of things.  One nice new outfit to wear to church on Christmas Day was all I wanted.  Rice cakes (suman, tunubong, patupat) and some pancit are enough to qualify every household to invite passers-by in.  Here and now, I have become accustomed to the American tradition and I like it also. 

Birthday stories are an important part of birthday celebrations in this house.

September has gone.  Today Miriam and I bought two big pumpkins from Raley's.  It's fall. 


  1. Helen, Tell me about the birthday stories. What a neat tradition.

  2. Birthday stories are historical-fiction about the b-day person. They are always funny and silly. Brahms started this tradition.


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