Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Lunch Date

One thing that Tim and I are thankful for and have been enjoying for a long time is the privilege of going out to lunch on Mondays.   We found out that it works well for us to set aside this time of the week to go out and leave the pressures of work and house chores behind.   We have each other's focused attention as we discuss whatever is occupying our minds at the time while we try out restaurants around the area.

This time we went to Mylapore, an Indian restaurant in Folsom.   This restaurant serves vegetarian foods.  Every once in a while we like to go meatless (I mean meatless and tasty) and Mylapore fits the bill.   The portions look big but in reality they are small.  The use a huge crispy crepe-type bread to wrap a small amount of spiced potatoes psyches anybody to thinking that the food is enough.  The folded crepe is often bigger that the platter where the food is served on.  That is a great thing for those of us who are trying not to outgrow our current wardrobes.  The secret to successful taste of the food is the combination of many flavors which come in the form of sauces.

To stretch our date a little bit longer we went to get coffee.  This time Tim decided that we'd walk to Starbucks - not too far.   Unfortunately I was wearing my high-heeled shoes which required more muscle work in a not-so-ergonomically approved fashion.  I had to hold onto him as if I was motivated by a desire for proximity but in fact I needed the support.  I have to learn my lesson since he randomly decides to go for a walk without taking my footwear into consideration.  

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