Wednesday, September 8, 2010

These Things Do Happen

It was cold this morning.  The clouds covered the sun making the colors of the plants seem more intense.  The grass looked greener and the rose seemed deeper-pink compared to their washed out colors in a bright sunny day.   Tim was making sausage omelet while Miriam took her morning shower.  I admired that beauty of the plants as I drank coffee. Then I thought I saw a mouse in the backyard.  I got up to go check if we still have some mouse bait in the garage.  Then I heard and saw something that changed the mood of the day...

Drops of water trickled down from the second floor of the house into a corner of the garage.  I looked up and I saw a water-damaged sheet rock - now with a hole allowing the water to go freely.  No!  We just had the master's bathroom fixed from water leak last month.  Now it's the kid's bathroom.  We called Domco Plumbing - and they are very good in treating any plumbing problem as an emergency.  Within an hour the plumber was here.   He determined that the drain under the bath tub was the problem.   He promised to come back tomorrow morning to fix it.

Then I began to feel upset because we did not detect the problem soon enough.  I can only imagine what damage has been done behind the walls.  After I dropped off Miriam to school I spent most of the morning cleaning the garage just to ease my emotions.   My coffee got cold.  I ate breakfast but I didn't enjoy it as much as I normally would have. 

Could we have done anything that would have stopped the drain from leaking?  This reminds me of the movie the Phantom of the Opera when a piece of scenery on the stage falls on Carlota while she sings Think of Me.

Andre:   Signora, these things do happen.
Carlota: For the past three years "these things do happen."  And did you stop them   from happening? No! ... 

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