Monday, September 6, 2010

Bus Stop

The three Lewis Munchkins and Marcus Lippuner at the Montridge Way bus stop.

August 9th marked the start of school year 2010-11.  On that day Miriam had the privilege of walking her two siblings to the bus stop since her summer vacation extended two days longer than that of the high school schedule.   The bus stop is about 50 yards away from our house; I could watch the students from our driveway as they wait for the bus which arrives there at either 7:30 or 6:35 depending on the day of the week.   I think that the kids in the neighborhood are fortunate that the bus stops very close to where we all live. 

For Shannon this is her last year in Oak Ridge.  Soon...pretty soon she'll be in college.   Six AP classes is making her final year in high school challenging.  Well, she still has time to volunteer at the El Dorado County Library - so she must be doing fine.  

Marcus is Brahms' friend since he was in first grade.  Hard to believe that the two boys who used to so small are now in high school.  I still remember the time when they got in trouble in second grade; they had to spend their recess at the Principal's office every day for a whole week. 

Miriam longs to ride the bus but she'll have to wait till next year when she goes to middle school.  In the mean time she walks or rides her bike to school. 
Bus 36 on Montridge Way

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