Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Apple Hill - It's The Season Again

Apple Hill Farms are open again!  It has now become a tradition of our family to go to Apple Hill to buy apples in large quantities.  Tim figured out that it takes thirty minutes to drive from our house to the Hill - which means that we can go there during his lunch break and be back in an hour depending on traffic.
Tim and I drove up to Apple Hill yesterday.  'Gravenstein' apples are in season - they are flavorful and cook well as in pies and apple sauce.  We purchased a 20-lb box of apples.  I bought a big seedless watermelon along with some fresh corn.  We could not resist trying the blackberry dumpling from Boa Vista Orchards.  They were good or should I say - it would have been good if we that was all we ate.  Instead, we drove to Abel's Apples and there we bought apple donuts.  In fact we brought some to bible study last night and shared some with the folks in our small group.   So good and so fattening. 

It appears to me that Apple Hill is like a year-round Farmer's Market.  Families love going there to have picnics; purchase apples; soon the hay mazes will be open for little kids and adult as well.  Pumpkin patches will soon be ready to be trampled by small feet.   We love going there to buy apples.  Our favorite apple varieties are Gravenstein, Pippin, Granny Smith and Fuji.  Fuji is sweet, juicy and crunchy for eating.  The other varieties I mentioned are particularly excellent for cooking although we love them also as table apples just because they are tart.

It is the time of the year when we eat a lot of apples.  Already I made some apple sauce which my children enjoyed with their dinner last night.  It was so good!  This morning we had apple sauce with breakfast and I put sliced apples in their lunch also.  Maybe tonight I will make apple pie for desert. 

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