Saturday, September 4, 2010

College Tour - Day 3,4,5

UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz

Our trip to Santa Cruz was cold.  We dressed ourselves like we were in El Dorado Hills forgetting where we were.   Fortunately during the tour of the university we were shuttled in a bus from place to place although we still had to stand in the cold as the tour guide talked to us.   The place is nice, Shannon likes to imagine herself walking under those evergreens but I think it looks dark and gloomy with all the clouds and fog. 

Santa Barbara looks old but it was there where we got inside one of the dormitories.  They have a model room that is hypothetically furnished.  In this situation I imagine that student have to like their roommates.  

This reminded me of my days in England.  I lived in student hall but the rooms were single occupancy.  I had no roommate - although ten students shared a common bathroom and kitchen area.  We had a cleaner who came once a week to clean our rooms, changed our sheets every other week, scrubbed the bathrooms and cleaned the kitchen.  
Miriam and Brahms racing the waves of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz

The trip to the bay area also included a sentimental tour.  We visited places where Tim's parents used to bring him as a kid - Sunset Beach and Marian's ice cream.   In Gilroy we showed the kids the hospital where Shannon and Brahms were born, in Morgan Hill we showed them the place where Tim and I lived right after we got married.  Then in Fremont we showed Miriam where Shannon attended kindergarten and part of her first grade year in Ardenwood Elementary School.  Then we drove by the first house that used to own on 33775 Shallow Court - so many memories there when Brahms and Shannon were little.  Unlike her siblings, Miriam lived all her life (so far) in El Dorado Hills.  Looking back, we all like our current place.  Thank God for providing us a place that we enjoy.

UC Santa Barbara


Daughter and Father

Miriam was using her feet to per her grandparent's new dog.

Father and son.

We had a nice visit with the grandparents George and Barbara in Hollister.  It's hard to believe how their garden have grown.  The house that used to be very  visible could hardly be seen  now.  They have a nice low maintenance garden that features native plants which were chosen to attract butterflies, bees and othr pollinators.  We enjoyed a nice Greek dinner and ended it with berry topped ice cream.

Stanford University

Taking a little break from the tour of Stanford.

We finished the college tour with one concrete conclusion - the universities we toured are all very costly.    In the meantime Shannon will apply to some of these Universities and other ones outside California and pray that she will get admitted and be offered some financial aid of some sort.

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