Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Santa Barbara

One of our pit stops during our previous college tour was Goleta, Santa Barbara.  There we stayed at the historic Sexton House.  This hotel, under the name Pacific Suites, was built around an old house which belonged to Joseph and Lucy Sexton.   Joseph Sexton, being a horticulturist, started one of the pioneer nurseries in that area. As a result, the ground around the hotel is botanical garden where every plant is labeled.  Tim and I took a pleasure walk around after we had a nice breakfast.   He got to see how avocados look like before they get to the grocery stores.  Of course no one else would appreciate plants the way I do - because I'm just weird when it comes to plants. 

The original Sexton House

Inside a hotel and very close to the garden.

Poisonous 'Angel Trumpet'

Cork Oak

A tropical plant - whose name I do not know.

Overall, it was a nice place to rest after a long day of touring UC Irvine and visiting the de Ocampos in Oxnard and to have a good breakfast the next day.

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