Monday, December 29, 2014

Traditions do Evolve

Traditions are not timeless.  Traditions evolve to accommodate the changing people. Time change us and the way we do things. When Tim and I started a family we also began to create our traditions. Some of that were copied from the people we spent our life with when we were yet single individuals.  While one plus one equals two in math, one plus one equals one when it comes to family traditions.  We now have family traditions - copied or original, they are uniquely ours.  And yet the very people who contributed to our complex traditions are changing and so are we.  And therefore we change the way we do things and if it works we repeat until it becomes part of our tradition.

It has been our tradition during Christmas time or Thanksgiving to have relatives over at our house or vice versa.  However, deteriorating health and driving abilities are now affecting the integrity of a tradition we once had. But that is natural thing.  In order to accommodate this change we decided to meet the relatives part-way - in Redding, California.  It was an agreeable proposition.  We were joined by Paul, Pam and G-ma which made the reunion even better.  We will still try to go back to the  old tradition as often as possible but we are open to other ways that are more appropriate for the current situation.  After all it is always good to have added attraction during the get-together such as the Sundial Bridge at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park but we cannot ignore the absence of pie.  :(


Paul and Pam (my husband's uncle and aunt) have been consistent examples (to us) of showing value to family and traditions.  Sometimes, I wonder what my kids as well as nieces and nephews will see in us that will make them reevaluate the way they do things.

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