Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Epic Offer

Today this daughter of mine got a handsome job offer from a software company in Wisconsin.  She is about three months from finishing her degree in Computer Science (graduating one quarter early - God willing).  Now she has a guaranteed job when she's ready to start - in June.  

God is good! His love never runs out! 

Two things about her going to Wisconsin:  1) she will be far far away from us (including Stephen) and 2) she will live in a cold cold place.  How will she ever drive in the snow?  She's a Californian and not just that she lived in So Cal where temperature is almost constant during the last four years. Nevertheless, this will be a great starting point in her career. We will just get used to flying to her soon-to-be-new-place.  I'm so happy for her and yet so kind of worried due to the distance.  But God has always been good and He will never stop being so. 

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