Monday, May 10, 2010


The following pieces of art work were created by my little girl friends who live up the hill.   I showed them how to start a garden and they have been very excited about it.   Gardening has become the basis of our friendship.  Not bad I think.  It is interesting to see their different expressions of "gardening" in art form.  They all seem to have an accurate interpretation of a garden - insects and birds are part of a healthy garden.  

by Caroline

by Claire

by Courtney

by Calista

Calista will soon find out from her own garden that the green part of the strawberry fruits attaches to the plant. :) That is what gardening is all about - learning by doing. 

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  1. I already wrote this comment once yesterday but I'm not sure where it went. It was late night so maybe I never hit the 'post comment'. :)

    It is so sweet of you to post these on your blog. They were so excited to give these to you. I'm laughing about the strawberries though. I never even noticed and I was there the whole time! Yes, what a great way to learn, by doing. :)


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