Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Done!

Under God's Sea in 3D.  Miriam was one of the major characters in the play 'Under God's Sea in 3D" under the direction of Kerry Hossack and Allie Gove of Cornerstone Christian Church.  She played the character 'TJ the Fret Meister'.   In the photograph above, she is exceedingly happy that the play is over.  It is like the end of a long arduous journey.  She felt that she, along with everyone on the play, finally arrived!  Sunday evening practices are over, the dress rehearsal is done and most of all the play has been performed, twice!   She had fun all along and yet she's happy that she's now free to face the promise of new opportunities.

AWANA.   As AWANA volunteers, every Sunday during the last nine months our family would spend about two hours doing our different responsibilities.  Miriam the only clubber in the family got her second book award.  Now that the year is over - we all get a break.  We are also being slowly released from our regular commitments as the kids are winding up with school and adjusting to our summer schedule. Last Sunday I cooked (appreciation luncheon) for the AWANA volunteers.  I grilled tri-tip steaks, chicken, made the famous 'Lewis Family Potato Salad' and bought Costco dinner rolls.  Angela made a healthier green salad while Nancy and Michaela made cookies and peanut butter brownies.  Yummy! 

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