Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plumbing Problem

Since we moved to this house there have been a lot of times when the wall below the window was wet.  Leaky window was the first thought that came to mind.  However there were times when the wetness occurred during the months when there was no rain.  Then we though that the faucet was leaky but there were no signs of water damage under the tub.  Many contractors came to see it.  No one told us what was causing the problem.  They would readily describe the damage that they see but not why.  Before we did anything we asked Dave Rambo, a Handyman we know, to look at it.  He did not say anything new and he was willing to fix the damage around the tub.  He also recommended that we'd ask a plumber to fix the leak first.   So we did.  It was then when we understood the problem. 

There was a pipe that was cut too short to meet a rubber gasket.  I cannot say what it is called but it was under the spout.  This was a construction problem that came with the house.  Every time we used the tub water would leak into the wood pieces right under the tiles.  The water was being wicked into the dry wall just below the window.  Unlike the shower, we did not use the tub daily hence it did not remain wet all the time for us to be able to recognize the problem sooner.
Weird occurrences always have underlying reasons.  The sooner they are dealt with the better.  :)

Yesterday Dave Rambo opened and removed all the damaged wood pieces.  Today Rob the plumber came to install the new hardware to replace the old one.  Then, Dave R. will come back next week to put back the walls and the tiles in place.  

It seems to me that most of the major repairs done in our home are scheduled when Tim is not here. :)  We don't plan it that way but it happens.  The last time he travelled I had one side of the fence replaced.  On another time I had to decide to buy a new sump pump because the old one broke.  Now the bathroom. 

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