Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still Bragging

Just like any normal parent, I brag about my kids when they achieve something through their own efforts and diligence.  When Shannon (Brahms and Miriam alike) was little I felt as if she was the cutest and smartest baby ever!  Of course that's how every parent feels about their own children.  I bragged about her when she did not talk in baby-talk, when she started reading at age four, when she could type faster than me at age nine.  It seems like I've been bragging for a long time.  Yesterday alone I found myself posting her SAT score on Facebook.  Then I came to my senses and I felt ashamed!  I just can't hide the fact that I am proud of her.  I'm just a normal, mom I guess.

Shannon and I were the only people in the house when she found about her SAT score.  I congratulated her and she congratulated herself although she was surprised of what she saw knowing that she did not study prior to the test.  She was very pleased - she scored 2260 with a 12 in essay in a scale of 2-12.   What was most interesting to me is that she looks to her parents as her standard.  I am not sure if she is aware of this. :)   In this case, it was her father (I didn't have SAT in the Philippines) - after getting the sum of all her points, her immediate response was to calculate Tim's equivalent score.  She has matched her father's score!  She promises to take it again and this time she will review for it to give her a better chance to top her daddy's.

There is a very fine line between mere rejoicing over a blessing/achievement and feeling superior to those who did not get the same.  I did not cross that line - I was just happy for my daughter.  I'm just a normal mom, I guess. :)

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