Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday with Friends

Last weekend we had a fun evening with the Cranmers and the Bohlkes.   My children entertained the Dan and Bernadette D. showing and telling them about their pets.  This was like an act of "vengeance" because the Cranmers showed my kids how their pet snake swallowed a mouse in a few seconds.  This time it was their turn to hear how our turtle snaps a fish in half.  Marina on the other hand didn't realize that I was picking her brain regarding orchid growing.  She is a pro and I am a newbie on growing cymbidium orchids. 

Tim grilled some ribs and chicken while I did the easy part - baked potatoes.  Bernadette brought a curried rice salad with shrimp and palm shoots and it was very good.   I prepared the makings of Bruschetta in advance which my kids assembled and served to our guests.  We ended our meal with Marina's strawberry cobbler and Shannon's Chocolate-chip/cranberry cookies.  It was great getting to know each other some more and spending time together.

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