Monday, May 17, 2010

Completing her AP Exams

AP exams are often presented as a dreadful thing.  They make someone feel that they have not had sufficient preparation - which I think is ridiculous since they had a whole semester to learn prior to the test.  Yet in the end when all is done and favorable scores are received, everything change.  The test will seem like the simplest thing they've ever done.   Indeed conquered fear results in confidence. 

Shannon took her AP exams in US History and Language and Composition.  She is relieved and pleased about her performance.  She came home sporting her AP-number.  It appears to me that examinees are treated like prisoners in the sense that they are identified by numbers and bar code instead of their names.  Remember Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables"?  He identified himself as 24601.  Okay, okay...that's not the case with the high school students.  I believe that it is just meant help avoid biases or discrimination on the part of the teacher or whoever will be checking the exams.
We're getting to the end of the school year! 


  1. She will just be "45701" (four-five-seven-oh-----one) or "anak ko" or Shannon.

  2. She looks pretty happy after completing those exams. I'm so glad it went well for her.


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