Sunday, May 16, 2010

Golden Flute

As official volunteer-ushers for the Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra, we (my family) are usually at the theatre before the show and we get to see the performers rehearse a little.  Dr. Alice Lenaghan, flute soloist, was the guest performer in the Enchanted Isles concert.   She was gracious to let me take her picture before she changed into her concert outfit.  She is amazing!

Dr. Alice Lenaghan plays a 14K gold Muramatsu flute.  According to her, the sound of a gold flute is warm and rich whereas a silver flute produces a brilliant and exciting sound.  She also explained that the amount of gold present in the instrument has little to do with the cost of the flute as the manner it is made as well as the maker.   Her flute was very sparkly and because it is gold "there is no need to polish it."   Gold flutes must last a long time because she said that she's been using hers for twenty years already.  Knowing that she's a professional musician, that is a very long time of usage.  

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