Thursday, May 27, 2010


If you truly love something then you always find ways to have your way to enjoy that something.  That was the case with Brahms this week when he had to make his first crepe. Until now he always depended on his father who is the sole crepe-maker of the family to provide him the crepes.  Now he advances one step by learning to prepare it.   I believe that after this experience that he will soon be offering to make crepes for the family.

We filled the crepes with strawberries, Nutella and whipped cream and served with sausages on the side.  Would anybody be interested to have the recipe he used?  :)


  1. Yes! We would love the recipe. I've never made crepes and I think the girls would really like them. Also, where do you get Nutella? The girls had some at the pancake breakfast a few weeks ago and can't stop talking about it. Your kitchen is beautiful by the way.

  2. Costco sells Nutella!
    You make me smile about my kitchen. When you see it in person you'll say that I am a good photographer because I can make something look better in picture than they actually are. :) We should get together sometime soon. :)


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