Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Festival

Others say it's Chinese New Year but in my house it is called Spring Festival.  We are neither Chinese citizens nor scholars of Chinese culture...but we have a reliable connection to China.  

Last year, Meng Wang became a part of our family when she was here as an exchange student.  We maintain communication with her even now.  In fact, today we received a package from her.  It was like a care package with a theme: Spring Festival.  One of the things she sent is the Chinese knot which now hangs brightly on our door.  There was a bag of Beijing specialties (a variety of goodies) which we have been enjoying.  She tells us that Spring Festival is very important to Chinese, just like our Christmas.  And just like the way pay extra postage to make sure that our presents arrive to their destination before Christmas Eve, Meng also made sure we had the ornaments, food and games during this week.  

Assorted Goodies: Beijing Style

Somehow I'm feeling homesick for Meng.  We had a good Spring Festival celebration with her last year.  We ate a lot of dumplings and played games of 'Higher and Higher.'   If God wills, we will see each other again. 

Happy Spring Festival Everyone! 

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