Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Signing

Today the kids got their own copy of the book "Harnessing the UEFI Shell" signed by Tim Lewis.  They might actually read the book now that it becomes part of their personal library.  There remains a chance that they might develop interest in what their father does and loves to do - programming.  

If anyone else wants a signed-copy of the book just let me know.  :) 


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the book! I googled UEFI to see what it all means and think I need to keep reading. You must all be very proud of him :)

  2. It's a joke because the kids and I do not understand the book at all. I took computer programming a while back just so I could understand Tim when he talks about his job. It helped only a little bit. :)

  3. okay, good! I don't feel so bad for not understanding now :)

  4. Random stranger peeking in.....

    Very nice blog, and I LOVE all the pictures (am a bit of a photo person). Also think the UEFI book is pretty neat (Tim is quite the writer and got more than his own fair share of intellect).

    -Mike Rothman

  5. Mr Mike Rothman, sir --

    Thank you. You are very kind.
    My husband speaks about you with respect and esteem. Even so, you were an ideal figure in my head until now. You are real. You even read blogs like mine. :)


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