Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was still in bed when Tim left...Men's breakfast was being served at church.  He said, "I'll come back at 9:30 with donuts for you."  So I slept in and when I was all showered and ready to go make coffee, I saw his glasses sitting on his night stand.  Tried to call him but his cell phone was here being recharged.  Then I began to worry.   He tells me he is blind and I've not seem him drive without his glasses on.  The church is near our place but the Heavenly Donuts, our favorite donut place, is two exits away on I-50.  I grabbed my purse and his glasses and headed to the church.  Maybe I could still catch him there.  I saw some of the other guys just leaving and ask Joseph Warrior if Tim is still there.  "He's there!" he said pointing to the building.  Relief came over me and then I drove around the parking lot hoping to park next to his truck.  There was no need to go disrupt him from socializing; I would wait till he's ready to leave. 

There were probably thirty five vehicles parked around the church that morning.  His truck was nowhere to be seen. Once more, I went around the parking lot.  My heart sank as I still could not see the white Ford truck.  I looked at El Dorado Hills Boulevard and prayed.  I went back home hoping that he was there ahead of me to get his glasses.  He was not there.  "Oh no!  He's going to run into all the other cars or he's going to fall off the cliff and he'll die!"

At this point I was very worried.  I began to blame my children for wanting to have Heavenly Donuts instead of the ones we can get from the grocery store.  He would have been safer, I thought.  Pray for your father, I told them.  Everyone was very quiet.  I looked out but I only saw other cars passing by.  I looked out again.   Then I went out and stood there hoping to see him soon. 

As I stood there, thoughts began to run through my head.  What if he died?  What am I to do?   Oh no!  My kids won't be able to go to college.   Oh yes!  We will go to the Philippines.  We'll sell our house (if somebody wants to buy it), and we will buy a house in the Philippines.  My children can attend good universities there.  Questions and answers were darting back and forth in my head and as if they were contained there by a tight frown on my face.   Then I saw this white thing drive towards the driveway.  It was Tim... And he is alive. 

I made my coffee.  My kids and I ate donuts happily, mine was an apple fritter.  Tim felt very important to have caused all that consternation.  :)


  1. Even thought I saw Tim at Awana last night and know hie is ok, you had me in suspense. I know how it is when you're mind goes there. I've done the same thing several times and get myself really worked up and worried. I"m glad he made it back safely :) I think we'll have to try these Heavenly donuts...never had them.

  2. eeks, sorry about my many typos...I'm not fully awake yet! I need to delete it and start over. Yikes!


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