Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Close Look At My Children

Change and growth describe the events that are constantly happening with my three children.   Every time I take a close look at their faces when we kiss each other goodnight or when I watch them walk away to the bus stop every morning I see something new and different.   When we sit at the table for dinner or when I sit across from anyone of them in the living room as we discuss about what they read from their devotional book, it seems as though something had happened since the last time.  One child is now wittier, or slightly taller.   Another child now bends down to look at the top of my head; although not-quite-a-mustache yet but now with a prominent-fuzzy line.  Still another one is turning into a little grown-up girl, taking responsibility in a slightly more mature way. 

Indeed they are changing and following the path to maturity and isn't that what every parent wishes to see happen?  Yet it is interesting to see that there remains about each kid that distinguishes them from each other.  The growing and changing cannot hide the inherent nature of their personalities.

Only God knows what goes on in her mind but she keeps quiet and observes.  Shannon is cautious and always abiding to set rules.  We call her the Rule Police.  We have a picture of her and Brahms watching the TV-show "Little Bear" with a finger on her lips shushing her brother.  When her brother would be doing something different, her response would be "Did you ask Mommy and Daddy?"  She understands the price of following rules yet finds it freedom and pride in having resisted something for the sake of obedience to rules. 

She's always curious and yet very disciplined.  As she grows up, may she always choose God as the subject of her curiosity and obedience.

Brahms is a guy who would not miss any opportunity to experience something that's presented to him.  I remember a time we were in England and visiting Warwick Castle, he was nine years old then.  The resident jester was entertaining the visitors when he asked for a volunteer from the crowd.   He raised his hands voluntarily and helped the Jester do his tricks.    

Always doing something, he accepts challenges presented to him.   He has memorized the periodic table in order and he can name all the US presidents in the right order.  Sometimes he struggles during the process but to him the joy of having experienced it is a reward in itself.  God help him to choose wisely.

To Miriam, finding something in nature and being able to use it is more fun than buying something from a gift shop.  It does not matter where we are she would always manage to find a flower to give me.  In her album is a pressed and preserved flower which she picked for me in Istanbul when our family visited Turkey. 

She also has a desiccated pipe fish she picked on the coast of Dunbar in Scotland, which she brings out from time to time to her sister's disgust.  She is resourceful and likes to leave a mark where she's been.   When she grows up God help her to use her resourcefulness to help others.

To me they still are children...God's gifts to me. 

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