Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dental Appointments

The other day as I sat flipping through magazines at the dental office while Shannon was being see I began to explain the reason for my being there.  Since the beginning of this year I have driven to that office once or twice a week.  If it was not for me it was for one of my kids.  Why do we have to go there very often?  There seem to be no toothache that prevented anyone from sleeping.  As if we're driven like slaves; they tell us when to go there and we go.  How did all this happen?  Then I figured out that this started with just one visit. 

First there was a need to see a dentist.  I looked for one who is preferred by my insurance and then a relationship with that office began.  With some amount of trust and a hint of skepticism I went for the first time.  I left the office that day with an appointment card in my hand.  The date on that card eventually translated into an event on the calendar.  Other things that came up had to give way to this appointment.  A guest teaching job from the El Dorado County Department of Education had to be turned down because of that date.  I cannot go out with my friend for coffee on that time and date. Sometimes I missed bible study because of this appointment.   Everything had to go around it.   Once it acquired a place in the calendar it became irrevocable. 

Having said sorry for everything else that called my time and attention, I went for that dentist visit again...Then I came home with another appointment card that will change the face of my calendar once more.  The same things will happen again.  It has become a cycle that goes on and on.

It all started with that one visit...suddenly an undefined covenant that says, report to me with your insurance card and I will keep your teeth in ship shape, has been established.   Still, I can't help but feel like a slave to those appointments.  :)

How about you?


  1. You changed it! This is a nice photo but I also loved the great smile in the other one.

  2. Yes, I decided to put a more recent picture. :)


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