Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coast Trip - Wonders of the Beach

We got to see elephant seals from a three-foot distance.  (The Coast Guard had his eyes stuck on us just in case we decide to touch it.)  They are amazing creatures.  They're huge and yet they've learned to take advantage of the violent force of the waves to advance themselves to the shore.  They'd stop and rest until the next wave comes and avoided to push forward on their own.   They know where their help comes from.

Sea weeds swept into the shore make a beautiful decoration to the otherwise monotonous sand.  They provided a destination for curious eyes.

In between the rocks Miriam found a lot of sea anemones sheltered in rock crevices waiting for live food to fall into their big gaping mouths.  The small shells scattered around were homes for the most active hermit crabs that roamed on the intermittent shallow ponds created by waves.

We came to a part of the shore where there were so many seals basking in the sun.  Watching them provided so much entertainment for our family as we stood on the rocks.  There was even a time when we were surprised to see one of them suddenly pop out from the water right next to Brahms' feet.

There is so much to appreciate and absorb near the ocean.  One of the most impressive of them all is the rock formation.  With a little bit of geology in my past studies, I tend to focus a lot on the appearances of rocks as they tell great stories about their past.  Rocks as we see them didn't always start as such.  They continually undergo a constant change as inflicted by the changing environment which results in beauty that is very specific to every piece of rock.  There are no two rocks that are exactly alike by nature.

Beautiful and calm, the sea shore is like a bustling city of many creatures.  As much as it is the source of their livelihood, danger lurks in the small dark corners of the place.  Sometimes a crab walks into this anemone and finds out too late that he had just moved from a free crab to a feed-crab.  But even as a predator, the anemone can become a prey when a girl called Miriam will pokes it with a stick. 

Birds of different kinds fly in different heights and land on different parts of the shore.  They are all in search of a different type of food.  God made all creatures big and small to live on this world.  There is a system that He put in place since the beginning of everything: each life regardless of size is meant to give so that others will live.

Everything that is in this world, God created them all...and saw that it was good.

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