Thursday, February 25, 2010

Power in Weakness

Her sun-shiny morning attitude was subdued by stuffy nose and sore throat.  She had to stay home to get some rest and gather her strength.   I'm sure that Mr. N is glad not to have a vector sitting in his class. 

Sick days are happy days in this family.   If you are sick you get special privileges.  For example, reading the comics normally comes at the end of a long list of things: breakfast, devotions, chores and then comics - but not when you are sick.  Miriam, played unlimited hours of computer and PS3; normally she gets thirty minutes of screen-time a day after the required game of chess with a sibling.  

She was sick enough to stay home and yet well enough to climb trees.  I enjoyed working in the garden with her today.  She'd come to me and complain about her nose; I'd stop and sit with her on a bench and cuddle a little bit then she'd go around again.   

When Brahms came back from school his first question was "Did you stay home today?"  Shannon who came home an hour later asked the same question.  At first I didn't attach any meaning to their query other than probably concern for Miriam.  Eventually, however, the truth came out.  They know the "power" that comes with being sick and they were poised to take advantage of the situation by influencing Miriam's choices. 

"Mommy, can we have In-N-Out for dinner?"  "Ask Daddy."  "He said to ask you."  

We don't want our kids to get sick but we try hard to make sure that they enjoy being sick. 

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