Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coast Trip - Cambria

Cambria is a town of six thousand people, located at about five minutes south of San Simeon where we stayed.  We drove to Cambria a couple of times for several reasons like gas, coffee, headache medicine and breakfast.  We found out that there is one gas station in Cambria which opens at eight in the morning.  Gas is very expensive in Cambria.  There are no Starbucks coffee shops but they have an "espresso" place.   There are no fast food restaurants there but there is a restaurant called Pine Tree Cafe where where pancakes are the size of frisbees.

One time we picked up a hitch-hiker named Buttercup.  We picked her up as she was walking with a huge bag of wet clothes.  She said she's on her way to Paso Robles to dry her clothes at the Laundromat.   She was camping the night before due to the strong rain all her clothes got soaked.  Buttercup dreams of coming to Folsom.  If we had gone home that day, she would be by now a new transient-resident of Folsom.  She said that she is the process of straightening her path in life.  When we got to Cambria she got off, said thank you and remarked on how polite our children were.

I took pictures of some of the buildings but they don't seem to represent the overall look of the town.  These buildings were all built against a hill and facing the ocean.  The grey-house is one that I saw behind the Pine Tree Cafe where we had breakfast one morning.  It seemed as though they built it without doing any grading at all.  Cambria is a nice little place along the coast.

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