Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lazy Weekend

The sound of rain woke me up thing morning.  The temptation to sleep in was intense as everyone is still quietly tucked in their beds probably defying the call of nature to the bathroom.   It would have been a good way to start a Saturday morning but the annoying throb of a headache succeeded in keeping me out of the bed. 

I thought that a cup of water would cure the headache and a cup of coffee to warm me up.  I watched the rain as I stirred my coffee and it seems as though the sounds made by the spoon hitting the cup drew Tim to follow me downstairs.  Before long the sounds of the shower announced the procession of my kids for breakfast.  Confused by the combination of smells in the air (cinnamon rolls, garlic fried rice and polish kielbasa), they required no prodding to get up. 

Tim and I drove to Sacramento through the rain to attend a Cymbidium show.  We saw great orchids and got to judge the orchids.  He had no problem choosing which one s he liked best, unlike me.   From the show we proceeded to the Asian Food Store.   Shannon, on the phone, asked us to buy fried fish, which we did.  We got home; everyone enjoyed lunch except for Tim who ate cereal.   As much as he denies it, I think he still does not like to see fried fish with the head on. 

Miriam asked if she could work for money.  There's a book that really wants to have.  We paid Brahms to teach her to prepare Tim's expense report.  This is her first time.  Her siblings have been making money doing this job for a long time but now it's her turn to learn to do the same.   What a great job!  Training is provided free by her employer. 

Now I am alone in the house.  With Shannon driving (Tim is the car), they all went to the book store.   I was left with a job to see what happens in the food competition that they started watching on Food TV.  The problem is - it is boring and I don't really want to watch TV.  I prefer blogging.

Most Saturdays are spent doing a lot of work that have been waiting to be done.  This day is different since we did not have a plan.  Sometimes having no plan is good.  It provides an opportunity to be spontaneous.  Spontaneity provides depth to experience without the weight of preparation.

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  1. I also appreciate unplanned days like this one. They are rare, unfortunately. Ken gets antsy on days like this because he feels like we're supposed to be doing something. I hope your headache didn't last too long.


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