Sunday, February 28, 2010

Renewal of Old

Our house was brand new when we moved in.  Although we've already spent ten years here, the thought of it being new still lingers in my head.  The house has been revealing its true age more and more as the days go on.  Like an aging woman our house has been continually deepening the creases of its age on different parts. 

It seems as though there's always something that needs fixing now.  The only built-in appliance that we have not changed is the oven.  Even then the oven is now unreliable.  It would turn the lights on and off by itself at any undefined time as if a ghost is operating it.  This month alone we changed the disposer, dishwasher and the microwave oven.   The good thing is that we did not only change them but also upgraded.  Old appliances are being replaced in order for the house to be functionable and technologically up to date. 

Well, just like an aging woman, our house is also getting better as the renewal process continues.  :)

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