Friday, February 12, 2010

Coast Trip - San Luis Obispo

Looking Ahead

One of our destinations during our trip last February was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Being in her third year of HS, Shannon is now looking at colleges and universities wondering and dreaming about her next school.   She must receive at least two mails per day from schools throughout the country...but we figured that she can learn more about them by actually going to the campuses.  Whenever we have an opportunity we bring her to one and let her wonder around to learn whatever she can about colleges and universities.   She feels intimidated (normal for HS students) to go around but someday she'll overcome her insecurities. 

The future holds a bag of unknowns.  It takes courage to walk into it.  The good thing is every step that we take into the future reveals a little bit about it.  Only when we refuse to move forward that the hidden remains.

Looking Back

For Miriam, who is now studying about the California missions, we also stopped at the one in San Luis Obispo.  This mission is smaller than some of the ones we've seen so far but it is still an active parish church.  According to a literature that we got there, the museum is very well-kept compared to the rest of the missions in California.  There's a creek that runs behind the building where visitors can stroll near the water.  A bridge over the water leads to a shopping center behind.

Museums always trigger my imagination to go back in time.  How was life back then?  The tenacity of the pioneers inspires all of us to move forward.  They lived very challenging lives but they left interesting marks that we can appreciate and enjoy. 

Just Looking

The Lewis family spends so much time just looking... :)

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