Friday, July 2, 2010

Spending Time with the Roberts

Calista the super bubble maker.

Caroline the winker.

Claire the strawberry lover

Calista and Miriam the Lewis-farm tour guide.

Courtney the bubble maker and Brahms the bubble-wand holder

Shannon the bubble-machine and Claire the bubble popper.

Miriam the entertainer.

Our friends, the Roberts family, came to our place last month (June 16th).  The weather was pleasant for us to eat in the backyard and for the kids to play on the lawn.  My own children always enjoy having younger kids around and the Roberts daughters being all smart and active are even more fun for them.  

For me having families with young kids over bring back memories of my children when they were little.  Oh the joys of having to get rid of pacifiers... The Roberts were very creative in the way that they did this.  They thought of ways that I could never have come up with.  They had Courtney ands Claire put their pacifiers in a box and handed them to Shannon who was going to bring them to Shonto, Arizona for the babies there.  I've heard later on that there was so much weeping and wailing on the first night without their pacifiers.  :)

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  1. How fun! Our pictures look similar. :) They're over the pacifier crying now but it took a few nights of crying. So sad. Glad the pacifiers could make it to Mexico. Yikes! No idea where my brain was when I wrote that! I kept forgetting to mention it each time I saw you but your post just reminded me again.

    We had such a nice time with your family.


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