Monday, July 26, 2010


July 20, 2010 - UC Irvine

Shannon looks the reverse manner.

Brahms and the Anteater, Irvine's mascot.

Magnificent kid and tree!

Anteaters everywhere...

Irvine is big on Computer Science.

Fountains at one of the business parks in Irvine.

Of all the UCs, Irvine has the best gardens and outdoor seating areas.

Obviously someone else had a camera. 

She was also on her own college tour and focusing on the Engineering Department. 

I forgot whi bulding it was.

"Ate, dont' go to college!"

We visited Lola Ibang and Lolo Ago in Oxnard.

The De Ocampos and the Durans with Tim.

A road has been named after our family!

We did a self guided tour of UC-Irvine. Physically, it's a very nice university with a huge campus. We were so tired by the time we got done.  The good thing was that the landscaping is great. Again we drove towards the next university but on the way we stopped in Oxnard, California to visit the de Ocampos who used to be my neighbors in the Philippines. Lelong Ago (Santi) and Lelang Ibang (Gene) were waiting to see us. We were eventually joined by their kids, Bobot, Auntie Belen, Steve and Angel. They brought us to a Vietnamese restaurant to have dinner. That was kind of them.  Then we drove to Goleta where we spent the night. 

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  1. Love the Lewis Rd. sign! :) How nice that you were able to see some old friends.


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