Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Day Before Ten

Birthday 2003 - At Home

Miriam will be ten tomorrow.  Ten years ago she was born to us.  Since then she has brough us lots of joy.  I thank God for surprise that she was to us.  

For her birthday this year she requested to have a 'just-family celebration'.  She wanted a LAN (local area network) party; we have five computers ready for the whole family to play each other tomorrow.  Here's the day's agenda:

Breakfast:  Pancakes, Bacon, Plum Sauce, Orange Juice
      Note:  An early breakfast as we'll go to church afterwards.

Lunch at the Ridgeview Park:  Ribs, Corn on cobbs, Orzo Salad, Mountain Dew
     Note: Croquet and Frisbee Tournament will follow

Dinner:  Shrimp Carbonara, Fresh Tomatoes, Carrot Cake
              Before dinner - "Rise of Nations" Tournament
              After dinner - Open Presents, Surprises from Siblings
              Continue on-going game of  "Civilization IV"

After that everyone will be tired and all ready to go to bed.   Before she turns ten, I retrieved some of her earlier pictures for nostalgic reasons.       
June 2004 (wrong date on camera) - England

Miram at Sunday School

Just to show how small she was.

Ballet Recital - Cameron Park

With her sister and brother on her birthday.

2006 - El DOrado Town Center

Birthday 2007 - Calveras Big Trees

Birthday 2008 - Belize

Birthday 2009 - At Home.

May the Lord God continue to protect and guide her throughout her life.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miriam! Oh such precious photos. I loved seeing her through the years :) You have such a special day planned for your family. Enjoy.


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