Monday, July 19, 2010

College Tour - Day Two

Even at 102 ºF we slept soundly in Bakersfield in the comforts of the brand new hotel we stayed in.  After a short family prayer time and breakfast we continued on with our trip to San Diego through the Mojave Desert.  From the citrus plantations of Bakersfield the vegetation shifted quickly to several species of scrubs and Joshua trees.  I've always known that California is a semi-arid place but this was the first time I've seen the expanse of its uninhabited barren lands.  The temperature was shifting every few minutes between 104 to 108 ºF.

We had lunch at a place called Polly's Bakery and Deli where they served good pies.   With our big family, we got to sample five kinds.  Our favorites were the rhubarb, lemon meringue, and chocolate cream pies.  Apple and cherry pies were so so. 

Thank God for an uneventful trip.  Somehow I was worried to go through the desert but it was better than I thought. We arrived at Embassy Suites - La Jolla at about three in the afternoon.   We walked to the nearby famous University Towne Center.  It's beautiful and even very cool!   We shopped a little bit and continued on to do some walks again.  The kids even had time to play with some games as Brahms brought the PS3 with us.

Tim got to startle a woman who works for the hotel by hy his Tagalog-speaking abilities. :) 

Today is now Monday:  This is the day that we are scheduled to go on the University Tour at UCSD.   It was unbelievably surprising and slightly annoying to have Shannon get up at 6 am.  Traditionally she's the last one to get during our trips.  Could it be that she's excited?  Tim sent her with Miriam (who was also up because they shared a bed) down to get some hot chocolate and read their bible and newspaper in the lobby while the rest of us tried to get some more sleep.  They were to wait for us there till were all ready to eat breakfast.  Breakfast was fun as usual at Embassy Suites.  They like the luxury of being able to choose the ingredients in their omelets.

We are ready to for the day.  In the mean time, Miriam, Brahms and Tim are swimming downstairs.  Shannon and I are left here at the 10th floor (Rm 1022).

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