Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

Lake Tahoe as seen from Zephyr Cove

July 3rd.  Today we went to Lake Tahoe for the Family Camp which was held at Zephyr Cove.   It was beautiful near the lake.  The lake was as usual blue and clear although this is the first time that we've been there on a fourth of July weekend.  The lake was full of boats, sail boats and all sorts of motorized water vehicles.  I can imagine how serene it might be on other days but not today.

Sitting along Wilson Blvd. waiting for the EDH Fireworks to begin.

We decided not to stay there overnight so we came home.  Ate some Mexican food in Cameron Park on the way home.  There was a scheduled fireworks at the Town Center so we decided to go position ourselves on Wilson Blvd. to watch it from there.  Tim carried a chair for me while Miriam brought her orange blanket along.  There were many families who joined us in that place.  We had a very good vantage point. 

As I watched the fireworks I wondered what makes it interesting to both young and old.  Probably the surprise or the unexpected sparkle and glow.  Whatever the reason may be, fireworks has always been a permanent fixture of festivities and celebrations.  

One with the lake.

July 4.   Getting up late on a Sunday morning was very much appreciated.  Second service (10:30 am) allowed us more sleep than our usual schedule.   Half of the church being in Tahoe, the attendance was very sparse.  A familiar and dear face showed up - Pastor Daryl Webster was there.  What a pleasant surprise it was. Seeing him for the first time since the passing of Gertrud, he seemed "incomplete" without her. They used to be always together...a sweet couple they were.  They left Cornerstone quickly...I wished they stayed a little and contemplated on their reason more before their decision to leave.  This must have been the way it was designed to be.  I have no right to question but only to wish things were different. 

After having lunch and having spent some time in the pool (Lippuners'), we drove up to Tahoe again and spent more time with the guys there.  We got to watch the famous 4th-of-July Fireworks of Lake Tahoe.  We sat on a huge rock outcropping on a very high hill.  There's a name to it but I can't remember.  The sunset was gorgeous and the Lake, beautiful and the fireworks were exciting.  Of course we had to deal with a terribly slow traffic.  It took us one hour to get out of the city and another two hours through the zig-zagging I-50. 

Fireworks - by Brahms

July 5.   At 1:30 am, the bed felt really good in the comfort of our home.   Tim and I went shopping at a restaurant supply store and bought some unnecessary but fun stuff.  On the way home we stopped at Costco to replenish our food supply. 

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