Monday, July 26, 2010

El Dorado Hills to Bakersfield

We left El Dorado Hills on July 17, 2010, made our first major stop in Merced, and spent the night in Bakersfield.

Posing by the sculpture 'Beginnings' at UC Merced.

Entrance to the university.

A home away from home...

Tri-tip steak, potato salad and watermelon...

Testing the 104-degree (F) temperature of Merced.  Bearable.

High light intensity for optimum photosynthesis.   (There's a family joke behind photosynthesis and Shannon.)

'Beginnings' adorns the main quad at UCMerced.

This is what he did when he was not reading or watching a movie in the car.

So we left go to San Diego.

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