Saturday, June 26, 2010

Homeward Bound


Approaching greener land.  From the desert, members of the Shonto Mission Team 2010 are now on their way home!  Tim was able to call a few minutes ago...they were in Utah for a late lunch.   I imagine that as they approach the Nevada Mountains that they will see more vegetation in the landscape.  Twenty of them have been gone for a week now.  Pictures that Dave Babb posted on Facebook indicate that they have worked hard, been well-fed, and enjoyed serving and fellowshipping with the rest of the 150-member team they joined.

Dreaming of comfortable beds.  "So what do can we prepare for your arrival?" I asked Tim.   "Comfortable bed!" he said.  They have been tired and sleeping on hard beds.   This is often the case when one leaves home.  One is presented with an opportunity to appreciate the comforts that they take for granted on a day-to-day basis. 

Looking forward to a full house again.   For us who are left behind, there is also the anticipation to have everybody together again.  The house just doesn't seem normal with missing members.   Shannon and Brahms know that their daddy's absence has often been an excuse for me to buy a lot of comfort food or eat out. Not this time!  Miriam is not fond of eating out, she does not like flavorful fatty foods and she's happy to choose cereal whenever the gets a chance.   Last night I had to declare that we are going out to eat.  So we did but she would not even go to Cold Stone with me.   She get's her vote considered 50% of the time.   I prefer democracy with more constituents.

Miriam is already planning to tell her sibling about her Horse Camp experiences.  She had to be reminded that both her Ate and Kuya will also be as excited to tell their stories.   Effective debriefing techniques will have to be employed here.

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