Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Days of School

Miriam and Erick just being young and energetic in Coloma.

The last two weeks of school was extremely hectic for Miriam.   Coloma, Old Sacramento, Band Concert, end of school picnic, among others, were all packed into the last few days.  I felt very busy just making sure she's ready or make it to these events.  Thank goodness Shannon and Brahms, who have been out of school two weeks before, were so willing to walk Miriam to and from school.  That was one less things that I had to do.    

Tim was chaperone in two of the field trips and had to work longer hours at night to catch up.  My poor husband, he is so interested in being part of his kids' activities and it cost him a lot.  It also cost me some sleep because I stay up with him when he has to. 

Indeed school is over but that was not a guarantee that our lives are now less busy.  Welcome summer schedule! 

Old train tracks in Old Sacramento

Coloma:  Some of Miriam's room mates(Audrey, Emily, Janae)

Another Golden Bear Award.

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